Yum 😋
Blues and whites 💙
Paris wallpaper 🇫🇷
casinta asked:
your tumblr and instagram is literally so perfect omg xx

So sweet!

Thank you


Anonymous asked:
You're a site administrator? I thought you mentioned before that you were in the engineering field?


Never have as I definitely didn’t study to do engineering!


floral-forest asked:
Hi Natasha, the palette in the top left hand corner of the makeup photograph you took looks so pretty! Where is it from? Xx

The brand is hourglass and I got it from Mecca.

They are 3 different types of face lighting powders


Anonymous asked:
Have you ever been to Macedonia? Xx

I went for the first time last year and loved it!

So good to see family and where my parents grew up


champagnexchanel asked:
i just love your instagram, so glad that i found your tumblr!! you've got an amazing style and you are such an Inspiration for me xxxxx

Ahh thank you!



Instagram: @aaliyahnguyen
Nutella buttermilk pancake stack with strawberries, desiccated coconut and some skinnymetea!
Make up makes me happy!
Anonymous asked:
did you grow up in melbourne? also, your house looks amazing!!!!!! do you live in an apartment??? x

Yep Melbourne born and raised :)

No I don’t live in an apartment my husband and I bought a block of land around 4 years ago and then started building our house around 2 years ago.


Anonymous asked:
what suburb do you live in, in melbourne?

The suburb I live in is called Taylors Hill