somberkind asked:
Do you ever use a flat iron for you hair? What is your favorite brand? I recently ordered a Babyliss Titanium Pro and am wondering if it was the best purchase.

I always use my GHD straightener and that is my all time favourite product.

I have had my GHD for over 5 years and it is still going strong!

From what I have heard the GHD are now pathetic and the best on the market is the Cloud 9 


Anonymous asked:
Have you ever had guys treat you shitter since you told them you had feelings for them? Like with less respect? What do you do and why do they do that!?

I have had guys treat me like shit but never after I have told them I have feelings for them.

To be honest I have not really had much experience with guys as I met my husband at 18 and have been with him since and prior to him only had two high school relationships which were nothing.

From things I have heard and seen I would say a lot of guys do this as a way for you to get over your feelings for them and I guess it would be a way of telling you that they don’t feel the same way.


Anonymous asked:
What shampoo/conditioner do you use? Your hair looks beautiful! Xx

So sweet thank you!

I don’t have any specifics to be honest I use whatever is on sale at the supermarket haha!

A couple of tricks I have learnt to keeping your hair healthy is to use a hair mask once a week. At the moment I am using a Toni and guy one which is great! I always let my hair dry naturally as using both a hair dryer and straightener will really damage your hair and finally I only wash my hair twice a week which really helps keep it healthy


Anonymous asked:
hello, just curious as to what is your favourite perfume? :)

Good Morning :)

I go through phases with perfumes and at the moment my favourite is Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler.

It last all day and it smells AMAZING!


Anonymous asked:
Hi just wondering how much were your chanel espadrilles? I want a pair of black leather ones :)


Mine were purchased in Paris for around 390 euro and that was last year,

I am not to sure if prices have increased


Anonymous asked:
Hows your celine trio holding up?

My celine trio is still holding up well!

It is still in perfect shape and has little to no scratches (touch wood)


Golden goodies 💛 love my gorgeous gold statement necklace from @xevana
Anonymous asked:
Hi! just wondering if you knew roughly how much a celine micro luggage tote is? Im thinking of a beige one, what do you think? :)

I’m not to sure babe but have a look at this website to get a rough babe


Anonymous asked:
hey hun, your blog is too die for! was just wondering what your favourite everyday mac lipsticks were? x

Thank you :)

My everyday favourites are brave, creme cup, pink plaid and myth

I think all four are essentials!


Black and gold 👌
Saturday lunch 😋

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